Tattoo Commission for Codeine! | Drawn by Clara Bacou Art

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Anonymous asked:
How would you feel if someone got a tattoo of one of your art pieces?

I WOULD LITERALLY LOVE THAT. I have two people already who have commissioned tattoo designs and are going to get it tattooed!! I can’t wait to see!


Project updates. So I’ve recently started working for Matthew McGuinness, who’s a street artist/mural painter/designer. He’s really big on community work, recycling and in general beautifying everything. He told me about New Leaf Educational Gardens, who grow edible horticultural gardens in green spaces on Estates and recommended I work with them for the weekend helping them out with this. These are shots from that project, where we created a workshop kids could come to and help build a garden; painting bird/bat boxes, planting seeds and raising beds.

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