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Isabell is a good friend of mine currently visiting from Germany. We’ve been making art on art dates together and it’s been super cool to have around and show her London. I’m a total fan of her work and if you’re not already now is your chance to catch up on her latest pieces too. Check it out. Hope everyone is having a good summer, with love from Isabel & Clara x

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I know you have probably been aksed this a thousand times, but which brand of paints do you use, and do you find some brushes (brands of brushes ) better to use than others? I'm such a big fan of your work!

I’m glad to hear you’re a fan of my work! I use Winsor and Newton Inks and watercolours. Also check out Daler Rowney. Both great art brands.

'Ninja' from 'Die Antwoord'.




the story of an omnibenevolent forest dog deity

who guides a young girl called Willow

through life’s hardships.

Jackadaw is the ruler of a parallel forest-filled world inhabited by

fantastical anthropomorphized demigods.

The novel’s message is to transfer self-destructive feelings

into something constructive.

 ★ Read Jackadaw here.

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THANK YOU for all the wonderful art and words.

You are kick ass. Your work constantly inspires me. Never stop creating.

All the love in the world. You are one special artist and girl. Merry Christmas.

Clara x

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