Ok guys I love art. I love art with everything. I paint all day breath fixative all night. I am going to be my own art legend. I draw cute and I draw bad and I draw ugly. I draw marvellous. I draw the marvellous out of life. I own my ideas. I generate my flow. I am flow. I am art. You are art. So just commission me and we can get this over with. I’m a kawaii dripping, watercolour winning, ink filling, line drawing, fresh dawning, one of a kind a r t i s t. That’s artist with an A. Artist who loves today. Artist with a purpose and owns shit with no shame.

Does anyone know any good tattoo blogs to follow?

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mayra-is-dtf-tdf asked:
I just wanted to say you're an amazing artist. I love your work and I can't wait to see what else you'll do

Thank you so so much. You’re a total sweetheart xox

Butterfly Set by Clara Bacou

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Kaba by Clara Bacou | 150x150cm | watercolour & ink

'Kaba' - Tibetan for 'snow'.

Finished commission for Phil Hutchinson.

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cravecreativity asked:
Your work is really incredible, especially for an artist of your age! I'm curious, when you're inspired to create something do you find a particular image that draws you? Or what prompts your drawings that lead to the paintings? I know this may be a difficult question to answer but I often find myself struggling past a creative block

Thank you so much! When I create something I piece together lots of different references in my mind to create and image or together. Some or logged in my memory some I find online or in books I own. And honestly.. I almost never plan a painting with thumbnails or sketches. I launch straight into it. That used to drive my art teachers crazy. I really don’t like having to spend time planning anything in art, I just make it. 

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