A series of 70x100cm silkscreens of Lou the owl, a drawing I made which was as large. 

I’ll be selling these in a touring group show which will go from Budapest to Florence. If you interested in buying one from me online I have 36 altogether in these available colours. Drop me an ask or email through if interested. 

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Today is the last day of my print auction (20hr remaining) Winning bidder receives an owl silkscreen print posted to their home in either ‘BLOOD SUNSET’ OR ‘LAKE BLUE’ (colour sets presented above) This print series recently exhibited in Budapest, will be also be exhibiting in Toronto and Portugal in the upcoming months. This will be the only time this print is auctioned online.

Starting bid was 0$

Minimum increment is 5$ USD

Most recent bid is 80$ by deviantART user Lumavis

Autobuy is 250$ USD (gallery price)

Continue bid here on tumblr by sending me an ask or responding to this post. Auction bidders on deviantART will be notified on you behalf. Final transaction will be made via PayPal. Bid ends tonight at 12pm GMT (Greenwich time) Good luck and thank you for bidding!

mayra-is-dtf-tdf asked:
I just wanted to say you're an amazing artist. I love your work and I can't wait to see what else you'll do

Thank you so so much. You’re a total sweetheart xox

Butterfly Set by Clara Bacou

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Kaba by Clara Bacou | 150x150cm | watercolour & ink

'Kaba' - Tibetan for 'snow'.

Finished commission for Phil Hutchinson.

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cravecreativity asked:
Your work is really incredible, especially for an artist of your age! I'm curious, when you're inspired to create something do you find a particular image that draws you? Or what prompts your drawings that lead to the paintings? I know this may be a difficult question to answer but I often find myself struggling past a creative block

Thank you so much! When I create something I piece together lots of different references in my mind to create and image or together. Some or logged in my memory some I find online or in books I own. And honestly.. I almost never plan a painting with thumbnails or sketches. I launch straight into it. That used to drive my art teachers crazy. I really don’t like having to spend time planning anything in art, I just make it. 

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